Start Treating Your Hair Loss Today

2 out of 3 men in the UK suffer from hair loss before even hitting their 30s! How devastating having to spend your best years worrying about that growing bald spot on the crown of your head. Male pattern hair loss, or male pattern baldness, affects thousands of young men, but you don't have to be one of them!


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Getting treatment for your hair loss problem doesn't have to be expensive and slow. With the Online Hair Loss Clinic, you can start treatment now!

Its easy to order. We'll ask you a few medical questions. You tick the boxes and our doctor will review your answers and, if appropriate, issue you a prescription which is then sent directly to our pharmacy on your behalf.

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Why Choose the Online Hair Loss Clinic?

The Online Hair Loss Clinic understands the need for effective, fast working and sustainable treatment options to halt your hair loss problem. We also realise that most young men can't afford to pay thousands of pounds for it.

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We take our duty of care very seriously

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